Patients who already have payment plans through Navicent Health may pay off their Navicent Health plan or continue with those terms in a plan with AccessOne.
AccessOne has recently closed a $225 million financing with PNC Bank, , a leading financial institution with deep ties to healthcare.
Two in five consumers say they would switch providers to access affordable payment arrangements to cover their costs of care—including half of households with children.
“AccessOne continues to attract and retain strong talent.  Our team is the key to our success,” said Mark Spinner, CEO of AccessOne.
AccessOne is the first patient financing company to join the App Orchard and is currently available to hospitals and health systems on the Epic platform.
AccessOne, a leading provider of patient financing options designed to help patients manage their healthcare costs, today announced it has hired Joe Hall as its senior vice president of business development.
Patientco, a next-generation patient payment technology company, announced the addition of AccessOne to Patientco SmartFinance™, an intelligent financing feature integrated into its award-winning patient payment platform.