Find out how complying with new price transparency rules can help with building patient trust and ensuring positive experiences. 
When it comes to helping patients manage their healthcare costs, providers should be proactive in offering solutions and strategies to address needs. 
The time to act for revenue cycle teams to remove the financial stress of care for patients is now, not in six months.

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UC Davis Health CEO David Lubarsky appears on the right wearing a blue suit.

[Modern Patient Experience #9] A Better Patient Experience Requires New Executive Functions

[Modern Patient Experience #8] What is Health Equity and Why Does It Matter?


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Samaritan Health

Samaritan Health Services shares their experience as an AccessOne patient financing partner.

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Phoebe Health

Phoebe Health shares their experience as an AccessOne patient financing partner.

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30-Year Healthcare Veteran Will Lead Sales and Go-to-Market Strategy in Company’s Next Phase of Growth
AccessOne, a provider of patient financial technology designed to help consumers manage and pay for their healthcare costs, today announced a partnership with athenahealth, Inc. through the company’s Marketplace program.