Breaking Language Barriers in Healthcare: Introducing MobilePay in Spanish

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – April 23, 2024 – Did you know that in the US some 42 million people speak Spanish as their first language? That’s an astonishing 15% of the entire US population. Imagine the challenge of collecting outstanding balances from patients, especially when a significant portion of them may face language barriers when it comes to understanding billing statements.

AccessOne, a leading provider of consumer-centric patient payment tools and financing options, introduces MobilePay in Spanish. The recent introduction of Spanish texting and billing capabilities for MobilePay solutions has revolutionized the patient billing landscape for providers that have a high percentage of patients who speak Spanish as their primary language.

Healthcare providers can ensure that their Spanish-speaking patients receive text messages and billing statements in their native language, facilitating better communication and understanding. AccessOne partnered with a healthcare provider in Texas, where 90% of patients speak Spanish as their first language, to develop this capability.

Demonstrating its commitment to the patient experience, AccessOne did not rely on the traditional approach of using automated translations. Instead, one of their product managers, Jonathan Almonte, who was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City, took it upon himself to translate the language for both the texts and billing statements. He applied the “mom test.”

“The best way I can describe it was my mom needed to be able to read these texts and her bills and not have any questions or be confused,” said Almonte. “My translations really tried to ensure the texts had a friendly and welcoming tone for patients.”

Almonte took it upon himself to ensure that the translations met the highest standards of clarity and understanding and elevated the messaging to a level that resonated with the intended community of patients.

After turning on MobilePay in Spanish, a beta customer in Georgia experienced a 164% increase in total dollars collected year over year, and a 20% increase in payments made during the first month compared to the previous month when they were not using MobilePay in Spanish.

MobilePay in Spanish is available now with all standard MobilePay implementations. Spanish language is determined by the provider’s statement file language preference.

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