Meet patients where they live

Our simple mobile-first experience puts the power to pay in the hands of patients whether they can pay-in-full or need access to inclusive extended repayment options.

Automation drives staff efficiency

Workflow automation and self-service payments ease the burden on your healthcare staff in a time when labor shortages mean that every minute matters.

A mobile payment solution means accelerated revenue, happier staff, and more accurate data. Our automated payment process minimizes or eliminates the need for paper statements and manual data entry, and significantly reduces customer service call volume.

  • No more manual entry, meaning greater accuracy and security for patient data.
  • Automated workflows easily integrate into existing major healthcare information systems with real-time reporting.

Design a Better Patient Experience

Your patient’s experience should be as unique and personal as the care you provide. We engage with patients the way they want – text, email, chat or live voice – and give them the power to pay wherever and whenever it works best for them.

  • With MobilePay, patients enjoy one-touch payment and can make a payment anytime without remembering an account number, username/password or being redirected to a portal.
  • A better patient experience builds patient satisfaction and loyalty. Not only an easier way to pay, but multiple ways to pay.

Capture More Patient Revenue

Patients want to pay their healthcare obligations, but often it’s the cumbersome process standing in the way, as well as a lack of access to flexible extended repayment plans. When patients have the opportunity to easily make a payment or opt into clear, low or zero-interest repayment plan options, net collection rates soar.

  • Receive payment within days instead of weeks with a mobile platform that’s easy for patients to understand and navigate – 81% that make a payment do so within a week.
  • Maximize payment collection by offering patients choices that fit their life situation, from low interest to zero interest options. Extended payment plans help patients stay out of bad debt.

Choose AccessOne as your payment platform and let “do no harm” extend from appointment to payment.