more options.

better access.

Give your patients a CHOICE with the most flexible patient financing solution in the industry.

Engage every patient with three options in one.

this is choice.


  • Great for patients with high deductible health plans
  • Balances less than $12,000
  • 0% interest option available
  • Low interest option available with lower monthly payments

Choice Plus

  • Good for patients with catastrophic bills.
  • Affordable fixed rates with no balance caps.
  • Balances more than $12,000
  • 0% interest option available with extended terms
  • Very low fixed interest rate option available

Choice Outreach

  • Designed for patients with partial financial assistance.
  • This package gives the greatest flexibility for patients who need it most.
  • Available for any balance
  • 0% interest for life of account
  • Patient pays a low % of balance owed

choice in action.

AccessOne Provider Average

3-5% Recourse

Industry Average 15%

AccessOne Provider Collection Rate Average

97% Pay in Full

Hospital Self-Pay Collection Rate

25.5% Payment Rate

Watch Collection Rates Soar & Recourse Decline

Smart cash acceleration

Propensity-to-pay determines cash acceleration, managing recourse to industry lows of less than 5% while sharing the upside of increased collections with our partners

Self-Service Capability

Patients maintain convenience and privacy with 24/7 access from anywhere

No Exclusions

Every patient is accepted with the same terms no matter their credit rating

Choose AccessOne as your payment platform and let “do no harm” extend from appointment to payment.


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