Building Leadership Culture and Succession Planning in Revenue Cycle with Laura Kern

In this episode of the RCM ladder, host James Furbush speaks with Laura Kern, Director of Patient Access at the University of Toledo Medical Center. Laura shares insights into succession planning, team development, and building a collaborative culture within patient access and revenue cycle operations.

She explains the unique challenges and strategic changes implemented at UTMC, emphasizing the importance of leadership development, diversity in teams, and effective communication. Laura also offers advice for navigating resistance to organizational change and highlights the significance of empowering employees to grow within the organization.

This episode provides valuable lessons for revenue cycle professionals looking to enhance their leadership skills and optimize team dynamics.


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The importance of a personal board of directors

Why intentional organizational design matters

Leaders must enable employees to work at their highest level

Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction to the RCM Ladder

01:25 Meet Laura Kern: Director of Patient Access

01:42 Understanding the University of Toledo Medical Center

02:49 The Role of Patient Access at UTMC

03:11 Challenges and Innovations in Patient Access

03:45 The Importance of Wayfinding in Healthcare

04:39 Succession Planning and Career Development

06:16 Implementing a New Management Structure

15:50 The Impact of Organizational Changes

18:02 Future Goals and Team Empowerment

23:04 Building a Diverse and Inclusive Team

24:03 Navigating In-Person Interviews

24:21 Challenges in Leadership Hiring

25:34 Overcoming Bias in Team Development

29:06 The Power of Listening

31:18 Building a Leadership Culture

35:46 Understanding Revenue Cycle

37:32 Lightning Round Q&A

39:45 Current Job Openings and Opportunities

42:10 Final Thoughts and Contact Information

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