The Three C’s of Leadership

In this episode of The RCM Ladder, host James Furbush interviews Willie Brown, Vice President of Revenue Cycle at Sentara Healthcare. Willie shares insights into his career journey, starting from Prisma Health to his current role at Sentara. He discusses his responsibilities in overseeing patient access, revenue integrity, and clinical revenue cycle, highlighting the importance of consistency, coachability, and compassion in leadership.

Willie also delves into his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, balancing personal challenges with professional growth, and the significance of fostering a supportive work environment. The episode provides valuable lessons on career development, people management, and overcoming the challenges in healthcare reimbursement.


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Coaching, consistency, and compassion are the foundation for great leadership

Becoming a first-time VP in revenue cycle in March 2020

How to create an effective 1:1 meeting with direct reports

Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction to the RCM Ladder

00:28 Sponsor Shoutout: The Health Exchange

01:25 Meet Willie Brown: VP of Revenue Cycle at Sentara Healthcare

03:23 Willie’s Leadership Philosophy: The Three C’s

08:02 Navigating Challenges and Achievements in Revenue Cycle

14:57 Personal and Professional Resilience During COVID-19

25:39 Career Growth and Readiness

29:49 Lightning Round and Final Thoughts

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