Leveraging Automation & AI in Revenue Cycle Management: Insights from Bond Ortiz

In this episode of the RCM Ladder, host James Furbush talks with Bond Ortiz, Vice President of Revenue Cycle at Bond Orthodontics. Ortiz shares her extensive career journey in revenue cycle management across various healthcare sectors.

The discussion delves into the significant impact of automation, RPA, and AI in streamlining processes, improving team efficiency, and maintaining compliance in RCM. Ortiz also emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptability in the ever-evolving RCM landscape.

Additionally, the episode highlights the positive effects of technology on employee engagement and retention, and Ortiz offers valuable advice on managing technological changes and fostering team collaboration.


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Get employee buy-in for effective change management

If you want to get ahead, leverage your community of competitors

A learning mindset is the key to success in revenue cycle

Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction to the RCM Ladder

00:28 Sponsor Shoutout: The Health Exchange

01:25 Meet Bond Ortiz: Career Overview

04:14 The Evolution of RCM and Technology

05:14 The Importance of Learning and Community

08:23 Implementing RPA and AI in RCM

11:49 Team Dynamics and Employee Retention

22:17 Navigating Change and Compliance

27:44 Lightning Round

29:11 Closing Remarks and Hiring Info

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