Navigating Career Growth and Challenges in Revenue Cycle Management with Ashley Toney

In the debut episode of the RCM Ladder, host James Furbush interviews Ashley Toney, the Director of Revenue Cycle Compliance and Privacy Officer at St. Luke’s Hospital. Ashley shares her career journey, key skills developed, and the unique challenges of managing revenue cycles in a small hospital that’s part of a larger health system.

The discussion covers the differences between working in small and large facilities, running efficient meetings, patient education, and dealing with the complexities of insurance reimbursements. Toney also offers job opportunities and advice for professionals looking to advance their careers in revenue cycle management.


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In small organizations it’s important to find a need and fill a need

The most surprising thing about working in revenue cycle management

“I’ve had patients spit on me”

Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction to the RCM Ladder

00:41 Meet Ashley Toney: Career Journey

01:19 Key Skills for Career Growth

04:15 Running Efficient Meetings

05:48 Small vs. Large Facilities

09:27 Challenges in Revenue Cycle

14:51 Future Career Aspirations

19:18 Dealing with Patient Interactions

24:56 Managing and Supporting Teams

26:39 Lightning Round and Job Openings

32:26 Conclusion and Contact Information

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