0% interest.
100% cash acceleration.
100% access.

Every health system is different. Design a patient financing plan to fit your needs with 0% interest and full cash acceleration.

Access for every patient to get the care they need.

this is flex.

Every Patient Qualifies

 Patients get the care they need right away.

No Credit Reporting

Patient financing with empathy means there is no harm to a patient’s credit.

Customizable Features

Every health system is unique. Design a plan to meet your needs by adjusting the terms and parameters until it’s perfect.

flex in action.

60% of customers

surveyed by AccessOne want affordable payment options

Choose AccessOne as your payment platform and let “do no harm” extend from appointment to payment.


Willie Brown discusses his responsibilities in overseeing patient access, revenue integrity, and clinical revenue cycle, highlighting the importance of consistency, coachability, and compassion in leadership.