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BestMed Increases Patient Payment Revenue 27%

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BestMed, a primary care, urgent care and physical therapy healthcare clinic network with more than 30 locations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Texas, sought to address increasing patient liabilities with a differentiated solution.

the problem

Like most healthcare organizations, BestMed leveraged an omnichannel payment strategy to provide patients with payment options for an improved experience. When the need to improve patient payment performance prompted a deeper inspection, the team at BestMed found their omnichannel was tethered to one single, traditional and highly inefficient channel — the paper statement.

The team at BestMed discovered all their existing payment methods required a paper statement; even electronic methods positioned as expedited payment with patient experience in mind.

Quick pay portals, text notifications, IVR systems and so on, all share one disruptive element. All these methods require patients to authenticate with an identifier only available to them on their paper statement: account numbers, guarantor numbers, quick pay codes, and patient reference identifications.

While a login credential seems minor, the ask of a busy American patient is enough to delay, stall and even end a well-intentioned patient’s payment journey.

the solution

BestMed selected MobilePay, a text-based patient payments solution that is independent of a paper statement. AccessOne, a healthcare financial technology without a paper statement business to support identified the same restriction to payment as BestMed and cut the cord to paper.

Immediately on go-live patients began making payment, by the end of their first week, BestMed had hundreds of payments for thousands of dollars — an instant return on their investment in MobilePay.

MobilePay aligns to our diverse patient’s lives to allow them to make payment and get back to life!
– Brianna Rucker Revenue Cycle Manager

the result

Since the introduction of MobilePay for self-pay collections, it has become the primary payment method by BestMed patients. BestMed has increased total patient revenue 27%, reduced their call volume by 23% and reduced their paper statements by 19% – nearly 1:1 with MobilePay.