[Modern Patient Experience #6] Digital Health Providers are Coming to Deliver a Better Experience for Patients

Jonathan Bush needs no introduction. In health IT he is omnipresent. Like water or concrete, it is hard to imagine the space without his existence. Still, the past few years have been interesting ones for Jonathan Bush, the co-founder of athenahealth and its former CEO.

Yes, he was painfully fired from the company he founded and helped build into a billion dollar revenue cycle and EHR behemoth back in 2018 (just google it there are plenty of stories on it). Yes, he took some time off in a proverbial exile before quietly emerging on the board of Firefly Health in late 2019. And yes, he’s now fully back with Zus Health, a new company aimed at healthcare developers whose mission is to speed up the digital health category.

Bush joined the podcast to discuss many of these topics from what he learned as a leader during his time between athenehealth and Zus Health — the notorious workaholic came to appreciate the importance of changing diapers and having actual work-life balance, for instance — to how the new breed of digital health companies will make care delivery better for patients, and the role he hopes Zus Health will play in it.

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Episode Highlights:

On the sharing economy coming to healthcare

Paper is still the enemy in healthcare

On his mission to speed up the digital health category

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