[Modern Patient Experience #9] A Better Patient Experience Requires New Executive Functions

UC Davis Health CEO David Lubarsky, MD, joins The Modern Patient Experience to discuss his efforts at one of California’s largest academic medical centers to not only improve the campus buildings, but also ensure his team and organization has the right roles in place to support patients and employees for this specific moment in time.

He’s brought on a Chief Wellness Officer, a Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer, a Chief Digital Health Officer, and even a James Beard-winning chef to ensure that the food patients are served in the hospital are as good as anything they could eat at home or in a restaurant.

“I’m trying to live well and that is really the goal of every health system in the world,” says Lubarsky. “I’m trying to make sure that everybody whose lives that we touch gets to live equally as well as I do.”

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Episode Highlights:

Turns out, good food in the hospital supports patient wellness

How CEOs should find and use good ideas

Why hiring the right roles is crucial for the patient experience

Patient access is the number one health equity challenge for health systems

Why the CEO must set and evolve the right strategy and vision

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