[Modern Patient Experience #13] David Bjork on the trends shaping healthcare in 2023

David Bjork, founder of CWH Advisors and the Healthcare Summit at Jackson Hole, joins the show to discuss the big takeaways from the recently held summit, why he has a strict “no assholes” policy for summit guests, and the three big areas he thinks will impact U.S. healthcare in 2023.

Those include the continued digital disruption of the patient experience, care delivered in the home, and a more sophisticated use of data to deliver care in the manner that specific populations need.

For those not in the know, the Healthcare Summit at Jackson Hole started roughly 16-years-ago by David Bjork along with a small group of healthcare executives and thinkers. It has since grown to an annual event with 115 or so C-Suite executives. Attendees come to build relationships and discuss the most pressing issues for healthcare delivery.

“It’s an industry event unlike any others,” Bjork says. Especially considering they don’t allow assholes to attend.

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The three biggest impacts on healthcare in 2023

Based on his work at CWH and conversations at the Healthcare Summit, Bjork says there are three big areas impacting healthcare this year and in the immediate future. Aside from labor shortages and Covid, which are still top of mind for executives, the continued technical innovations around data was #1, followed by vertical integration and payor-provider collaboration and merging was #2, and finally there’s a big focus on operational excellence because capital markets are tighter than they’ve ever been.

“You can’t financially engineer growth like you used to,” he says.

The big shifts in healthcare delivery

Digital transformation of the patient experience, care migrating to the home, and a more sophisticated use of data are three big shifts happening right now in U.S. healthcare. But, Bjork says, care delivered in the home is the biggest shift happening right now in the industry.

To better account for changes in the patient experience, many organizations are overhauling how they are structurally set up

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