[Modern Patient Experience #12] How Rural Healthcare Providers Can Compete with Less Resources

Sliced Health CEO Reed Liggin has a history with rural healthcare in America. He grew up in a small town in Georgia, was a hospital pharmacist, and then started two companies to provide affordable technology to under-resourced community hospitals. Razor Insights, the EMR company for rural community hospitals, started in 2010 and by 2015 it was acquired by athenahealth.  

With Sliced Health, Liggin says his vision was to bring community hospitals and rural provider groups the same sort of business intelligence reporting, dashboards, and data to the revenue cycle that is typically found in larger suburban hospitals and health systems.

He joins the show to talk about his journey, how rural patients have the same expectations and demands as patients in suburban or urban areas of the country, why speed to value and high ROI matters when community hospitals adopt technology, and what the difference between surviving and thriving is for the 2000 or so independent community hospitals in America.

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Why its important for rural healthcare providers to have better financial data and actionable dashboards

Turns our rural healthcare patients also want a mobile-first patient experience

Healthcare tech has failed rural healthcare providers by taking too long to implement and go-live

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