[Modern Patient Experience #10] How Patient Surveys Unlock Better Patient Satisfaction

Brian Hall is CEO of Koha Health, a revenue cycle management and advisory firm that focuses on ambulatory surgical centers and orthopedic groups, as well as any practice in the muscular-skeletal niche in healthcare.

One of the key initiatives Koha Health did to unlock it’s incredible patient satisfaction numbers was conducting patient surveys. But, Hall says, it was what his company did with that survey that data that really made a difference.

Using the data, Koha identified key trends and had a framework for taking action to make fixes within the business based on the data. He joins the show to share what he’s learned from conducting patient satisfaction surveys, how to do them properly, and why organizations must have an action-oriented framework in place to fix problems.

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Episode Highlights:

Koha Health focuses on three measures to drive better patient satisfaction

Patients surveys are necessary to improve patient satisfaction

How to create an effective patient satisfaction survey

Conducting patient surveys won’t matter if you don’t act on the data

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