Patient self-pay was 35% of total provider revenue as of 2017. Revenue cycle management teams must remove the barriers for patient payments.
AccessOne embraces a digital approach that empowers patients looking for bill payment assistance. We are part of the Epic App Orchard and have delivered multiple tools to bring an excellent patient financial experience, directly accessible from your Epic platform.
The way patient payments are currently collected is either outdated or built on top of technology that was never designed for collecting payments. What if health systems could start from scratch and design a collection channel with the patient in mind?
As healthcare providers chart their future finances, it will be imperative that they keep the new requirements of the No Surprises Act in mind.
A chronic staffing shortage across healthcare continues to impair health systems and logistics as surgeries are delayed and procedures canceled.
In the last several years, a growing awareness of the relationship between socio-economic factors and health outcomes has emerged within the larger healthcare industry. Different segments of societal life such as employment, education or geographic location are no longer seen as distinct or separate from healthcare.
When it comes to healthcare payment plans, consumer priorities have changed. Provider loyalty is no longer a driving force for many. Instead, consumers prefer financial transparency, flexible payment plans, and affordable monthly payments.
As COVID-19 and other economic factors continue to change patient relationships with providers, it’s clear that digital-first interactions are here to stay in healthcare.
We’ve outlined three strategies that health systems and healthcare providers can take now to maximize their patient payments and reduce their debt liabilities.