KLAS Ranks AccessOne No. 1 for Patient Financing

As a marketer, it sure makes your career more meaningful (and fun) when you are with a company with a strong purpose and value set—especially when your colleagues understand and believe in your mission and values. This greater purpose translates into a group of employees in lockstep.

We have a problem to solve. Consumers are struggling with their healthcare costs, and it’s clear that they are looking for affordable and flexible options to pay for their healthcare bills. Our company was founded by providers, and we are committed to offering patient financing solutions in a compassionate way that “does no harm” to consumers.  What a great mission.

With that, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve received national recognition for the patient financing solutions we provide. AccessOne was named Category Leader for Patient Financing Services by KLAS in the 2020 Best in KLAS report. Our clients rated our solution highly, earning the company an overall score of 94.5 percent—as well as A grades in the categories of Loyalty, Relationship, and Value.  Thank you to our clients for the feedback you provided to KLAS and for your continued loyalty.

It’s been widely reported that consumers are the fast-growing payer in today’s healthcare system.  We wanted to better understand how this was impacting consumers, so in November, we surveyed more than 1,000 consumers.  This research showed:

  • Consumers who don’t feel prepared to manage the costs of their care are more likely to postpone treatment. Among those surveyed, 56 percent have delayed care due to costs, and 26 percent have postponed care by a year or more based on cost concerns.
  • Three-in-four consumers are willing to shop around for care based on price—and 38 percent are already doing so. Consumers also are pushing for cost information before care is delivered.
  • Two in five consumers say they would switch providers to access affordable payment arrangements to cover their costs of care. Even more striking: Half of households with children are willing to switch providers for more affordable payment options.

Our results indicate the pressures consumers are facing with higher deductibles and co-pays. They are also reminders for providers that having patient financing options as part of your patient financial strategy is essential and improves loyalty to your brand.

At AccessOne, we’re honored to be recognized by providers as the category leader for patient financing. Our highest priority is to continue being the innovation leader in patient financing and to collaborate with our clients to make sure our solution meets not only their needs, but their patients as well in an ever-changing environment.

Learn more about our patient financing solutions. Care to continue the conversation? Contact us.

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